Blogging Proposal

This week the assignment was to write a letter and a proposal detailing why blogging in the classroom is beneficial to students. The purpose behind the assignment is that whether using blogging with students or writing a blog as a teacher, it is important to get permission from administration. This was a very beneficial assignment as it really made me think about why and how blogs can be used in the classroom. It’s always been my position that technology should not be used just for the sake of using technology. What I mean is that the use of technology in the classroom should be purposeful and not just an add-on or obligation. By completing this assignment, I now have a better understanding of why blogging can be beneficial in the classroom and a more justified reason for using it in my classroom.

Blogging Letter/Propsal by Tyler Zunker



My name is Tyler Zunker and I am a middle school social studies teacher teaching in Winona, MN. I just completed my third full year of teaching and am looking forward to teaching the same content at the same grade level for the first time in my teaching career (7th grade American History). Over the course of this summer I will be continuing my education in the EDTECH program through Boise State University, go through the process of becoming a Google trainer for my school district, and continue my quest to “flip” my classroom.

For the past year I’ve contemplated writing a blog about my experiences in the classroom as well as my thoughts on technology in education. Every time I finally thought I was ready to start, some other obligation or responsibility seemed to get in the way. When I saw that “Blogging in the Classroom” was an option as an elective course this summer, I came to the realization that this would be a great time to start!

I’m looking forward to learning how to blog effectively and how to incorporate the use of blogging with my students. In my experience in the EDTECH program, I’ve found that there is such a strength in our collective knowledge and experiences which makes me eager and excited to learn with you (and from you all) over the course of this class!