How long does it take to watch a flipped lesson?

Periodically throughout the year I will poll my students on how long it takes them to watch one of my flipped videos and do the activity that goes with it. Usually I try and use a guided notes or journaling approach, but occasionally I’ll do something different. If I get consistent answers that it takes over 20 minutes then I know I need to either make the video shorter or find a different way of assessing if the video has been watched.


9 thoughts on “How long does it take to watch a flipped lesson?

  1. I really like this idea. Sometimes I don’t appreciate how much time some students take to complete an assignment. The reverse is true as well. There have been a few occasions when an assignment that I hoped would take about an hour, took two to three hours. A poll like this would help me see this more often. Thanks,


  2. This is a great question to ask. It’s easy to forget that what takes you five minutes could take a student much longer. It’s also a good idea to provide additional activities for students who finish faster, because there will inevitably be other students who take a long longer than them.

  3. Great use of a poll. After learning how to use polls this semester, I am planning on using them more often during this upcoming school year. I like your idea of getting a gauge of how much time students spent watching an assignment. There are many uses for polls in the classroom.

  4. Tyler,
    Do you first tell them how much time you expect the assignment to take? Sometimes I think that helps them to see my expectation of their time.

    Did you find that you had to refine your poll questions to get them to the point where they eliminate any bias due to interpretation? I know that my students sometimes interpret a simple question much differently than I had intended.

    • Yes, I do try and tell them how long I think it will take, especially because most students evenings are so full it helps them on their time management/planning.

      In most cases, I’ve done informal polling with my students as we haven’t had the technology available regularly enough to do it online. I think this year I may try to add polls as I have my students do more work using online tools.

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