How to make a flipped video

Keith Hughes has made over 200 videos using the flipped model for his social studies classes (as well as professional development). In this video, Hughes explains how to effectively make a flipped video, tricks on how to use iMovie to add production value to the video, and why using videos is a good classroom strategy. The video itself is a tad long (24 minutes), but for those serious about flipping or seriously considering flipping parts of their classroom, it is a must watch.


5 thoughts on “How to make a flipped video

  1. Tyler, thanks for sharing this. I have been interested in learning more about flipping and this video was very helpful. Hughes was entertaining and his hints were great. iMovie looks fantastic! I haven’t had the chance to play with it, but it is very versatile. Cool stuff!

  2. Great find! It’s easy to forgot how important production value is to the level of engagement you’re able to get with a video. Cheesy, low production value video is novel for a little bit, but it starts to wear on the viewer after lots of viewings. A great-looking video is fun to watch, even with repeat viewings.

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