Google Tricks: How to be a better searcher

how to google

Most of us use Google regularly, and it’s fair to say, most of our students do to. My district is moving to Google Apps for Education which means my students may begin to use Google even more than they used to! What I’ve found in my own use of Google or other search engines is that I don’t always get the results I’m looking for. The infographic posted above gives a number of different ways of making Google searches more effective. The range of skills taught goes from searching inside specific sites to searching for exact phrases. I plan on teaching my students how to better use Google so they can save themselves time and get better content. The more exact the search, the fewer the results. However, you do have to be careful of how exact you try and search. For example, if you were to type in the search parameters as it is written in the infographic, it would come back with 0 results.

Is this a strategy you would find beneficial in your own research? Are there better strategies that you use to wade through the millions of results that comes with most searches?

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